FBC Las Cruces Womens Simulcast

  • This is a generation that is not just hungry for big faith, but for a big faith that is lived out in the practical, mundane things we do and the decisions that we make everyday. What does it look like to follow God and live out this faith in our relationships, at our jobs, in conflict, in suffering, with money? Faith can move mountains, but it can also change our everyday circumstances, so we are going to look at God’s word to do that in one of the most practical, yet misunderstood, books of the Bible - Proverbs. Proverbs doesn’t show us a set of rules, but a different way to live that is so attractive, so fragrant, flowing through our lives, actions, relationships, and work, and drawing people to Christ. Together, we are going to discover what it looks like to do these things, not perfectly, but in good faith, trying our best to obey God and His way of life.

  • Event description

    We are on the corner of Northrise and Sonoma Ranch. Across the street from the Game II. Simulcast consists of two sessions. Session 1: 9am - Noon Session 2: 1:15pm - 4:15pm

  • Dates

    February 9, 2019
    from 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Address

    FBC Sonoma
    4201 N. Sonoma Ranch Blvd
    Las Cruces, NM 88011
    United States
  • Event Hosts

    Leann Andrews

    Danielle Flores

    FBC LasCruces

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  • Attendees

    • Alisa Vandevender
    • Amy Carter
    • Ann Anderson
    • Dana Knight
    • Becky Wilson
    • Gina Bernier
    • Barbara Moreno
    • Amanda Jaramillo
    • Casey Berryman
    • Deborah Morales
    • Mikhala Churchman
    • Marit Hunter
    • Christine Cutbirth
    • Cindy Adcock
    • Martha Davis
    • Andrea Varela
    • Debbie Hermosillo
    • Diana Montoya
    • Elizabeth Gerard
    • Evelyn Tarry
    • Leigh Ruther
    • irene rodriguez
    • Gina Keown
    • Joni Stahl
    • Kelsey Gentile
    • Kirstin Smead
    • Kristy Mason
    • Krystal Boyle
    • Alicia Lauvray
    • Linda Edwards
    • Linda Green
    • Lindsey Harris
    • Linda Smith
    • Lora O’Byrne
    • Mary Joy
    • Megan Tindal
    • Amanda Wingard
    • Morgan Snipes
    • Ashley Fiorentino
    • Mary Stahl
    • Marie Zembas
    • Nancy Gregory
    • Patricia Horton
    • Rhonda Jackson
    • Rosalina Rascon
    • Samantha Hollister
    • Sang Nguyen
    • Sarah Cuellar
    • Denise Tafoya
    • Marcy Hernandez
    • Veronica Fuentes
    • Stesha Clayburgh
    • Victoria Arellano
    • Donna Lucas
    • Rachel Gentry